OMB Professional AM 700W Digital FM Versterker

        AM 700


            The AM 700 is a high-performance 700W FM amplifier, developed with MOSFET technology

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        OMB Professional AM 700W FM Amplifier

        Product Discription:
        The AM 700 is a high-performance 700W FM amplifier, developed with MOSFET technology.
        It includes an elliptic LPF (Low Pass Filter) with high-attenuation in the harmonic frequencies and its sophisticated power supply unit with a DC-DC converter guarantees an optimal working with mains voltage fluctuations between 90 and 260V without output power variations.

        The most relevant parameters can be visualized in the LCD display: forward and reflected power, overdrive, module 1 current, module 2 current, power supply 1 voltage, power supply 2 voltage, etc. And the equipment also provides cyclical protection system to protect the amplifier against forward and reflected over-power, overexcitement, over-current, over-voltage and excessive temperatures.

        The 2 independent 375W amplifying modules are combined and mounted on a high-performance heat-sink, so that the transistors work in optimal thermal conditions even in really hot environments.
        Furthermore, the AM 700 provides a telemetry output in order to get information about internal parameters of the amplifier.

        Techincal Facts:
        • frequency range 87.5 ~ 108MHz
        • operating class B
        • input return loss 20dB
        • input power 10 ~ 12W
        • OUTPUT POWER700W nominal
        • power gain 19.2dB typical
        • efficency 70% approx.
        • coolingAir forced
        • harmonic <-70dBc
        • input/output impedance 50Ω
        • RF input connector N Female
        • RF output ConnectorN Female
        • RF monitor ConnectorBNC Female
        • AC power supply90 ~ 260VAC, 50/60 Hz, <1000VA
        • Protections
          Reflected power (10% nominal power), over-consumption, temperature, power supply failure, overdrive, direct and reflected foldback.
        • remote control and TElemetry RS-232, exciter inhibition
        • Dimensions 3RU (19'' rack) 465mm depth (without handles)
        • weight 24.6Kg (54.12Lbs)




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