Ammax3000+ 540-1700 kHz im 1-stündigen Rack-Sender



          Was ist neu in Ammax3000? Board DCDC
          - Eine Reihe kleiner Korrekturen und Verbesserungen
          - Verbesserte Firmware (mehrere LPF Mit MP3-Wiedergabe-Backup
          - CW-Jumper für CW Operation < /p>

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        Mehr Infos Ammax3000+ 540-1700 kHz im 1-stündigen Rack-Sender

        What is new in AMMAX3000?
        - Robust output RF stage based on larger FET
        - Robust PWM output stage based on larger FET
        - Stronger on-board DCDC
        - A number of small fixes and improvements
        - Improved firmware (several LPF filters can be selected)
        - Removed one trimmer for easier setup
        - Support for Barix internet streaming with Mp3 playback backup
        - CW jumper for CW operation

        Technical specs:

        - RF Output Power AM: ~10W carrier (24V-50V DC stabilised, use 50V for maximum power), varies with band and frequency
        - Peak RF Output Power: ~60W (due to > 125% positivemodulation)
        - Output connector: BNC
        - Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
        - Frequency Range (MW version): 540-1710KHz
        - Frequency Range (shortwave version): 160m, 80m, 40m (other SW bands also available, please ask)
        - PLL Steps: 1KHz
        - Frequency stability: +/- 50Hz
        - RF output: Harmonics: -50dB, Spurious: -80dB
        - Power Supply: 48V/2.5A DC stabilised
        - Wideband design, no tuning required
        - Audio performance: compressor, low pass filter, limiter, treble, bass adjustment
        - RF output ruggedness: > 2:1 VSWR
        - Modulation: AM (CW input on-board. TTL 5V for disable)
        - PCB size: 100x125mm
        - Audio input: accepts either mono or stereo signal (transmission is mono)
        - Audio connectors: 3-pins for GND, L and R signals. With audio input board you also gain XLR, RCA and USB audio input
        - DRM support: On-board jumper can disable DSP processing which is great for DRM modulation
        - Modulation: AM, >125% positive mod
        - PWM circuit is opto isolated and can be used to drive high power external stage