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            Professioneller Stereo-PA-Verstärker mit integriertem Crossover-Netzwerk und Limiter < /p> < /p>

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        IMG-Stage Line STA-3000 Professional stereo PA amplifier, with integrated crossover network and limiter 



        • 2Ω stable
        • Class H technology with power-optimised PSU technology
        • 3 operating modes can be selected (stereo, parallel or bridged)
        • Integrated crossover network: 120Hz, 24dB/oct., switchable subwoofer, full range or satellite operation
        • LCD for temperature, operating mode, protective function
        • Temperature-controlled fan
        • 2 level controls
        • Ground lift function
        • Speaker switch-on delay
        • Protective circuit with LED indication for protection against short circuit, overheating and DC voltage overlay at the outputs
        • LEDs for each channel for operating voltage, level and limiter
        • NEUTRIK SPEAKON connections

        STA-3000 is equipped with a PowerCon® jack (power rating: 32A) in order to ensure a power supply of 25A in 2Ω operation.

        Supplied without mains cable.

        The mains cable AAC-215P which is available at option is sufficient for 4Ω or 8Ω operation.

        A PowerCon® plug NAC-3FCHC, a mains cable with a cable cross section of at least 2.5mm(e.g. AC-1025/SW) and a CEE-type plug (e.g. CEE-32/230P) are required for the 2Ω operation.

        The amplifier can be operated at a 2Ω load, the protective circuits are designed accordingly.

        The stated 2Ω performance values must not be exceeded, otherwise the thermic protective circuit will be activated.

        SOUNDCHECK 07/2009

        On the STA-3000 and STA-2200

        "The STA-3000 and STA-2200 are certainly real recommendations for anyone who is searching for solid power at an attractive price. The amplifiers are suitable for general applications and definitely provide sufficient power for a state-of-the-art PA system."









        Technical Facts:
        • Stereo 2Ω2 x 1,250WRMS
        • Stereo 4Ω2 x 1,500WRMS
        • Stereo 8Ω2 x 1,000WRMS
        • 4Ω bridge operation1 x 2,500WRMS
        • 8Ω bridge operation1 x 3,000WRMS
        • Max. power5,500WMAX
        • Inputs 1V/20kΩ
        • Frequency range20-20,000Hz S/N ratio > 100dB
        • Crosstalk attenuation> 60dB THD < 0.1%
        • Power supply 230V/50Hz/5,000VA
        • Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
        • Dimensions482x132x519mm, 3RS
        • Weight 32kg
        • Inputs (for each channel)XLR, bal., can be fed through Outputs (for each channel)




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              STA-3000 Nummer: 25.0500 Professioneller Stereo-PA-Verstärker mit integriertem Crossover-Netzwerk und Limiter < /p> < /p>