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Axel Compact Telefoonvork Hybrid BoxTel MKII View larger

Axel Compact telephone hybrid BoxTel MKII


AXEL Compact telephone hybrid. Management of 1 wired PSTN / POTS line, electronically balanced input and output on XLR connector

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AXEL Compact telephone hybrid. Management of 1 wired PSTN / POTS line, electronically balanced input and output on XLR connector.

Product Discription:

BoxTel MKII is an analogue telephone hybrid, designed to interface a telephone line with audio equipments. BoxTel MKII manages 1
POTS/PSTN line, whereas BoxTel GSM manages 1 GSM line to establish telephone connections where wired lines are not present.

A powerful internal microcontroller completely manages both BoxTel MKII and BoxTel GSM, allowing the configuration of the operating modes
via software. The internal microcontroller provides further functions such as adjustment of the line impedance according to the region,
visualization of the Send/Receive audio levels on the front leds, line detecting presence of a telephone line, buzzer with adjustable level,
AutoHook - automatic line hooking and answering after a certain number of rings. While BoxTel MKII is operative, its possible to exclude or
keep connected in parallel an external telephone set (Tel.Set).

The backlit Hook/Ring button on the front panel allows a quick management of the phone calls; each time a telephone call is incoming the
BoxTels Hook/Ring button starts to flash, by pressing it the operator answer the phone call. BoxTel MKII has the Line Detecting function,
which makes the Hook/Ring button switch on in presence of a telephone line.

BoxTel MKII and BoxTel GSM are devices equipped with an internal power supply enabling great audio performance: two separate
Send/Receive front potentiometers manage the audio level, with a total range of +/- 15dB. The input sensitivity is set at 0dBu while the
maximum output level is greater than +20 dBu.

The audio connections are separated for Send/Receive and are available over XLR electronically balanced connectors. A RJ11C connector
allows the telephone line connection (Tel.Line) and one more RJ11C connector performs the connection to an external telephone set (Tel.Set).
A GPIO port with optocouplers and open collector is provided to establish remote connections between BoxTel MKII and BoxTel GSM and
mixing console. It is possible to connect directly the Telco module of an Oxygen4, Oxygen5 and Oxygen7 console with BoxTel MKII/BoxTel GSM
by using a simlpe Pin-to-Pin cable. Internal universal power supply 90-264Vac/47-63Hz to operate worldwide.

Thanks to all of their features, BoxTel MKII and BoxTel GSM represent the telephone hybrids with the best quality/price ratio available on the
marketplace. BoxTel MKII and BoxTel GSM occupy ½ rack unit - LxHxD 22x5x13cm.


  • Compact telephone hybrid
  • 1 POTS/PSTN or GSM DualBand telephone line
  • Send/Receive audio levels control and visualization
  • Backlit Hook/Ring button
  • Software configuration
  • Phone call auto-answer feature
  • International selection of the line impedance
  • Remote control
  • Potentiometer levels and front panel control
  • Analogue Send/Receive balanced over XLR
  • 1 USB port
  • GPIO to remotely control Telco N-1 modules
Technical Facts:
  • Dimension LxHxD 22x5x13cm
  • AC Rate 230Vac / 110Vac 50 Hz / 60 Hz 30VA
  • Type of power supply Switching power supply, worldwide
  • Weight ≈ 2500 gr
  • Operating Temperature -5°C / +50°C

  • Connectors: XLR, female - Electronically balanced
  • Operative Nominal Level: 0 dBu
  • Line Impedance 10 kΩ (Electronically balanced selectable) EMIsuppressed
  • Distortion: less than 0.01% TDH+NOISE (0.0dBu 1Khz)
  • Input Modes: Mono

  • Connectors XLR, male - Electronically balanced
  • Output Level 0dBu +4dBu +6dBu Max +20dBu
  • Load Impendance 600 Ω
  • Distorsion Less than 0.01% TDH+NOISE (0.0dBu @ 1Khz)
  • Output Modes: Mono

  • Connectors LINE RJ 11C 6/4 socket
  • Connectors SET RJ 11C 6/4 socket
  • Bandwidth telephone line 100Hz 5kHz, -3dB @ 1 kHz
  • Telephone line compliance ETSI TBR21, FCC Part68
  • Isolation 3 kV

  • Digital Inputs GP In 2x GP In opto coupled. Only 1 is used as Hook
  • Digital Outputs GP Out 2x GP Out Open Collector opto isolated. Only GPOut 1 is used as Ring

    Technical Specification about BoxTel MKII GSM (Additional )
  • Standard DualBand GSM 900/1800 Mhz Phase 2+
  • Frequency GSM 900: (Tx) 890 915 Mhz / (Rx) 935 960 Mhz
  • GSM 1800: (Tx) 1710 1785 Mhz / (Rx) 1805 1880 Mhz
  • Sensitivity -104 dB
  • Channel bandwidth 200 kHz
  • Maximum consumption 0.25 W / 0.5W
  • Stand-by consumption < 25mA in use < 400 mA
  • Sensitivity -104 dB
  • Dial tone frequency 450 Mhz Standard
  • Environment noise < 60 dB
  • Transmitting Power < 3 W
  • External Antenna 2.5 dBi omnidirectional with 1mt standard cable
  • External power supply unit Input: 100-240 Vac Output: 12 V 500 mA
  • External Antenna connector SMA
  • Total rechargeable battery time 6 h
  • PSTN / POTS connector RJ 11C 6/4 socket
  • Operating temperature 0°C ≈ +45°C
  • EN COMPLIANCY for GSM Modul EN 60950-1
  • EN 301 489-1/-7
  • EN 301 511





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Axel Compact telephone hybrid BoxTel MKII

Axel Compact telephone hybrid BoxTel MKII

AXEL Compact telephone hybrid. Management of 1 wired PSTN / POTS line, electronically balanced input and output on XLR connector

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