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MAXPRO 6000 FM Transmitter band assembled 15W, 25W, 50W View larger

MAXPRO 6000 FM Transmitter band assembled 15W, 25W, 50W



MAX PRO 6000+ FM exciters bring more power, improved QSonicIII VCO/PLL subsystem and a number of improvements and new features, including RS232/USB/GSM remote control and supervision, new alarms and ALC (Automatic Level Control). It covers entire FM band from 87.5 to 108MHz without tuning and offers 15-50W of clean RF power.

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  • 15W

  • 25W

  • 50W

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Product Discription:

The design of the MAX PRO 6000+ series is an improved version of now obsolete MAX PRO 5015+ exciter and also looks quite similar at first glance, however many improvements were implemented. The result is a rugged and solid FM exciter with completely flat power output across the entire FM band at 15W, 25W or 50V, designed to run silently and cool 24/7. Since the new design was so much better and completely stable under all conditions we were able to add 50W model and we may release 100W later this year. 
The MAX PRO 6000+ are purposely over-engineered, using the very best components and materials that can be located. MAX PRO 6000+ are built the way you would build it for yourself if you had the time, knowledge, money, and inclination to do so. Why wait? Your dream FM exciter is a reality right now!

The exciter carries a one year limited warranty on parts and labor against defects in materials and workmanship, except the RF final transistor.

How is MAXPRO6000 series better than MAXPRO5000 series?

- Some models are powered from 48V making them more practical for driving pallets (no 12V DCDC needed) reducing cost.
- 25W and 50W models now have high performance ceramic LDMOS output stage, ensuring reliability and better cooling
- Heatsinks in 25W and 50W models have been improved to handle the heat better
- Two VU headers now available so you can either monitor drive power or external power from external directional couplers
- DIP switch mode without LCD display for low cost installations
- New GSM remote control module with Android app, can be controlled via SMS as well
- Removed the slightly microphonic drain coil
- Comes also with new LCD with rotary encoder. This new LCD offers password protection and other cool features.

What parameters can I change via remote control?
Its best that you look at the screen capture below. The program may change over time as we make enhancements, we will be adding more features soon! Feel free to ask for any features you may want.

Technical Facts:
  • RF Output Power: 0 to 15 Watts, 0-25W, 0-50W (fully variable via LCD in nice gradual steps), LCD power adjustment range can also be limited to 0-1W, 0-2W, 0-3W, 0-4W ... 0-15W, 0-full, this is done with a jumper (exact options vary depending on model).
  • Output connector: 15 BNC, 25 and 50W - high quality all-metal BNC
  • Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Frequency range: 87.5-108MHz
  • PLL Steps: 100KHz-500KHz, adjustable
  • Frequency stability: +/- 20Hz
  • Spurious/Harmonic rejection: Harmonics: >50dB, Spurious: >-75dB
  • Power Supply 15W: 12-15V/3A or car battery
  • Power Supply 25W/50W model: 48V/1.5A/2.5A
  • Power connector 15W, 25W and 50W model: New design with plugin with 2 screw terminals
  • Quartz Locked PLL Frequency Control
  • Ultra Stable, Ultra Clean Output
  • No Expensive Test Equipment Required
  • Audio performance: Less than 0.1% distortion, 20Hz-75KHz
  • RF output ruggedness: SWR protection
  • Polarity protection, temp protection
  • Pre-emphasis, 50uS, 75uS or none
  • Audio Input Impedance: 10Kohm, unbalanced
  • Audio Input Level: 0 dB 
  • S/N ratio: >90 dB 
  • PC Board Size 15W, 25W and 50W model: 100x125mm 
  • Audio connectors: RCA jack, optional MCX
  • RF monitor: solder pads 




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