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Axel PhoneX Digital Studio Telefoonvork Hybrid 2 lines



DIGITAL TELEPHONE HYBRID Two line digital telephone hybrid

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DIGITAL TELEPHONE HYBRID Two line digital telephone hybrid


Product Discription:

PhoneX D2
PhoneX is an entirely digital telephone hybrid with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) audio processing, expressly
studied to offer high audio performance for the broadcast market.
PhoneX controls two PSTN/POTS two-wire analog lines; an external GSM modem can be connected to each
telephone line. The digital audio processing system offers high performance and excellent send/receive ratio.
PhoneX can be controlled from the front panel, from a PC using dedicated software, via web page and using GPIO
and TCP/IP type commands.

  • Double telephone hybrid with Digital Audio Processing
  • Device configuration: 2 Pots lines/ 2 GSM lines / 1 Pots line + 1 GSM line
  • Country/telephone line impedance selection via software
  • Double balanced XLR (Line/Mic) analog I/O
  • Balanced XLR AES/EBU digital I/O
  • AGC and automatic equalisation of the telephone call
  • Ducking, Attenuation, De-Noiser and Conference functions
  • Management via Telco modules (N-1)
  • Control and monitoring via Web page and dedicated software

• Radio/TV broadcasting station
• Recording studios
• Live productions
• Conferencing systems
• P.A. systems
• O.B Van

Audio Features
The PhoneX audio processing is based on DSP which guarantees a high level of separation between what is received and what is sent.
The audio from the telephone line is processed by a two band equaliser, a bandpass filter for the required frequencies, and a powerful AGC optimised for telephone calls.
The De-Noiser eliminates noises such as hissing and buzzing during calls; the Echo Canceller eliminates the echo during a call.
The fully digital process and the perfect adaptation to telephone line impedances eliminate unwanted noise during a call.

Hybrid and telephone call management
The two telephone hybrids of PhoneX can be managed separately as single telephone hybrids or connected to each other.
It is possible to control up to 4 hybrid devices connected in cascade, up to a maximum of 8 lines at the same time.
With this configuration, the conference function is available; this allows for the simultaneous communication by phone between different people.
Upon request the two analog lines can be fitted with two external GSM devices connected directly to the PhoneX.
A telephone can be connected to PhoneX to make a call and at the same time, a telephone number can be dialled via software thanks to the incorporated DTMF tone generator.
PhoneX can automatically manage a call: after a certain number of rings the telephone call is taken and it ends when the end of call signal is recognised.
PhoneX is also equipped with an Attenuator and Ducking function that reduces the volume of the call received by a set amount according to the telephone hybrid audio input.
This function is useful during a talk show or lively debates where the host’s voice must be heard over that of guests speaking on the phone.
Phonex connections
PhoneX can be connected in different ways to external devices and to a PC using three Rs-232 ports and an Ethernet LAN port (optional).
PhoneX can be monitored and controlled also from a common web page thanks to the built-in web server



Technical Facts:
  • Dimensions: 1 rack unit, 352 x 483 x 44 mm
  • AC Rate: 230Vac / 110Vac 50 Hz / 60 Hz 30VA
  • Type of power supply: Transformer- based
  • Processing Architecture: Fully digital. Based on DSP 24bit/100Mhz.
  • Signal processing is performed by phase linear filters.
  • Weight: ≈ 5 Kg
  • Operating temp. range: - 5 to + 50 °C
  • Compliance: ETSI TBR21, FCC Part68, ICASA, ACAM, AS/ACIF S002, NALTE YD514

See more detailed info in PDF.



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Axel PhoneX Digital Studio Telefoonvork  Hybrid 2 lines

Axel PhoneX Digital Studio Telefoonvork Hybrid 2 lines

DIGITAL TELEPHONE HYBRID Two line digital telephone hybrid

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