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Broadcast Link 5GHz microwave audio-video link system Bekijk groter

5GHz Audio Video wireless link



5GHz Audio Video wireless link for FM video and Audio broadcast

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 Product Discription:

The Advantage of 5.8 GHz Is Clear! (a clearer picture that is!). 5.8 GHz systems offer much higher immunity to the interference found on older 2.4 GHz frequency video systems. The 2.4 GHz frequency band is now heavily populated by wireless Internet WiFi and Bluetooth devices not to mention interference from microwave ovens! Our 5.8 GHz systems also have an excellent bright color picture. Better than 2.4 GHz systems out there! Antennas are much smaller and offer higher gain or amplification than the same size at 2.4 GHz or lower frequencies. 
Many customers are using our systems to link their TV studios to their distant transmitters! 
They can also be used for radio stations, of course. In this case the free video channel can be used to remotely monitor various equipment or studio. 

All of our transmitters and receivers are analog and not digital. This means real-time pictures and audio without lag or delay like many digital systems do.

What our complete system includes:
1x Receiver mounted in a NEMA 6 rated enclosure
1x Transmitter mounted in a NEMA 6 rated enclosure
2x 28dB gain Antennas with mounting brackets. (tripods or mast pipe not included)
2x 5m coaxial cable with N connectors
2x Power supplies to convert 110-240V AC to 15 volts DC
1x Installation manual
Expected range for this system is 10-20 kilometres. With dish antennas this can be extended further.

Technical Facts:

  • Input Voltage: DC 12-15V
  • Current Consumption: < 400mA
  • Output power @ connector: +30dBm
  • Modulation Type: FM
  • RF Deviation FM: 6.4MHz peak to peak
  • Channel Frequency:
    - CH1 5733 MHz
    - CH2 5752 MHz
    - CH3 5771 MHz
    - CH4 5790 MHz
    - CH5 5809 MHz
    - CH6 5828 MHz
    - CH7 5847 MHz
    - CH8 5866 MHz
  • Frequency Selection: Dip Switch
  • Frequency Stability: ±250KHz
  • Output Flatness: 0 ~ +3dB
  • Video Input Level 1V peak to peak
  • Impedance: 75ohms
  • Pre-Emphasis: NTSC & PAL
  • D.G. < ±8%
  • D.P. < ±8%
  • Audio Input Level: 2V peak to peak
  • Impedance 600 ohms
  • Audio Carrier Frequency CH1 - 6.0MHz ±25KHz
  • Audio Carrier Frequency CH2 - 6.5MHz ±25KHz
  • Audio Distortion 3% max. THD

Technical specifications for receiver:

  • Input Voltage: DC 12V ± 10 %
  • Current Consumption: < 220mA
  • Channel Frequency Matches Transmitter
  • Input Level @ connector: -25 ~ -80dBm
  • IF Frequency: 479.5MHz
  • IF Bandwidth 18MHz
  • Gain Flatness 3dB max
  • Noise Figure 2dB Typical
  • Input Return Loss 7dB Typical
  • LO. Drift ±250KHz
  • LO. Leakage -50dBm max.
  • Image Rejection 40dB
  • Output Level 1V ±0.15Vp-p Load
  • Impedance 75 ohms
  •  De-Emphasis NTSC & PAL
  • D.G. < ±8%
  • D.P. < ±8%
  • Video S/N Ratio 38dB min.
  • Audio Output Level: 1.4Vp-p ±0.2
  • Impedance 600 ohms

Technical specifications for 5.8GHz gain grid antenna:

  • Due to rib construction of the reflector, it is resistant to even strong gusts of wind.
  • High gain of the antenna makes it a good tool for long-distance wireless links.
  • It may be used in horizontal or vertical polarization
  • Gain [dBi]: 28
  • Frequency Range [MHz]: 5400-5800
  • VSWR: 1.5
  • Polarization: Vertical. horizontal
  • Horizontal Beamwidth E [Deg]: 4
  • Vertical Beamwidth H [Deg]: 5
  • Front/Back Ratio [dB]: >25
  • Impedance [ohm]: 50
  • Connector: N female
  • Dimensions [cm]: 91 x 72
  • Bracket: Included, for 20-40 mm mast
  • Weight [kg]: 5



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5GHz Audio Video wireless link

5GHz Audio Video wireless link

5GHz Audio Video wireless link for FM video and Audio broadcast

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