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OMB Professional MP 1 FM Antenne Bekijk groter

OMB Professional MP 1 FM Antenne


MP 1


OMB FM circular polarization FM antenna  500W Power range

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Meer informatie

Product Discription:

The MP antenna is the cheaper antenna in the whole range of circular polarization antennas, but the manufacturing quality is exactly the same as the other. Thousands of MP have been installed from all over the world, so this is a sign of quality of this antenna. The MP is designed to maintain a continuous power of 500W, and it is factory-adjusted at the frequency required by the customer (88 ~ 108MHz). Anyway, the frequency can be changed later under customer request. The input connector is N Female type. It is made of stainless steel, so the MP can work in extremely hard environmental conditions. It is an ideal solution as second antenna and security system antenna.


 Technical Facts:

  • FREQUENCY RANGE 87,5 ~ 108MHz
  • POLARIZATION Right-circular
  • WEIGHT 3.9Kg
  • MOUNTING 1 ~ 3'' tubes
  • MATERIAL Stainless steel
  • TYPICAL VSWR 1.10:1



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