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RDS encoder MAX 4000 FM (small enclosure)

RDS MAX 4000


RDSMAX 4000+ is a high-performance RDS encoder utilizing several on-board DSP processors

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Professional DSP RDS Encoder Build in small enclosure

Product Discription:
The new RDSMAX 4000+ is a high-performance RDS encoder utilizing several on-board DSP processors. RDSMAX 4000+ gives you easy access to a wide array of RDS parameters. New features, such as fast PS scrolling, external switchable scrollable messages, LCD display, increased number of available PS (if you need more just drop us an email, there's plenty of space left), EON support, DSP filters, wastly improved board layout, and many others, all make this encoder a real bargain. This is your perfect gateway into the world of RDS!

Installing RDS encoder can hardly be easier than this:
  • Insert encoder between stereo encoder and FM exciter (or connect it directly to the MPX input)
  • Set RDS carrier level and optionally set phase (usually not required)
  • Connect power
  • Connect RS232 or USB cable (requires optional I/O board)), install windows program and start transmitting RDS
Special care has been taken to make this encoder as easy to install as possible. Special DSP filter will extract the 19KHz carrier much more reliably than the usual LC filters used by competition. Pilot extraction now also tolerates a wide range of signal levels making installation a lot less complicated process. As for the RDS carrier output signal, a jumper has been installed to enable extra high output levels for those installations requiring more signal. We took much longer to bring this product out as the previous versions and it shows, the list of improvements is pretty long.

Compatibility with any RDS tuner out there is guaranteed. RDSMAX4000+ can also pick up MP3 ID tag from Winamp and transmit it as PS or radiotext on your RDS-enabled receiver. PS scrolling and scrolling external messages are supported as well. Jazler and ZaraSoft are already supported due to compatibility with the RDSMAX 30+. In short, if you're using your PC and WinAmp or Jazler to play your audio over the transmitter, now you'll finally be able to send the song and artist name to your listeners! Among other features are dynamic PS (also in stand alone mode, without a PC), PTY, TA, RT, CT, ECC, EON, AF, PI, M/S, TP and others. New enhanced DSP circuitry makes it easy to lock RDSMAX 4000+ to stereo pilot. Suitable RCA connectors are already on the PCB board, optional MCX can be installed for easy interconnect. Connection to the PC is via standard RS232 cable or optional USB. New black anodized enclosure is smaller, looks better and is more convenient to use. 19" rack units are coming soon as well.

Technical Facts:
  • Requires DC stabilised voltage, 11-18V/0.2A
  • MPX output Impedance: 75 Ohms, unbalanced
  • MPX input Impedance: 10K Ohms, unbalanced
  • Memory data retaining period: 45 years
  • On-Board real-time-clock data retaining period: 1-2 days
  • PC Board Size: 98x65mm (compatible to RDSMAX30)
  • Audio connectors: all RCA jacks are mounted on the board, place for optional MCX provided
  • Power jack: on board, 2.1mm, center positive
  • RDS carrier: 57KHz, phase locked to stereo pilot or internally generated (mono)
  • RDS carrier level: 0 - 4V, adjustable with jumper and trimmer
  • RS232 port speed: 2400, 14400 or 19200 or 38400bps
  • High Quality Digitally Generated RDS carrier with LC filter
  • Audio Input/Output Level: 0 dB (input level is preserved at output - no level change by the unit)
  • RS232 connector on the PCB for connectivity with a PC
  • True Galvanic Isolation from RS232 (PC) port, preventing ground loops (hum), a feature not found in competing units out there
  • Included program supports all Windows flavours! Jazler and Zarasoft are supported (use 14400bsp port speed).
This encoder will work independently from the PC (memory stays unchanged for at least 45 years after power-off, RTC 1-2 days).

If you want to play with the windows driver, a basic version is included on the installation CD so you can start immediately (it is written in Visual Basic60). Entire protocol has been simplified and is now really easy to use.

Supported by ZaraSoft and Jazler!





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RDS encoder MAX 4000 FM (small enclosure)

RDS encoder MAX 4000 FM (small enclosure)

RDSMAX 4000+ is a high-performance RDS encoder utilizing several on-board DSP processors

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