DAB+ digital radio zender exciter combo met GPS



    EDABv2-C+ DAB+ digital radio zender exciter combo met GPS 175-225MHz.

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    Meer informatie DAB+ digital radio zender exciter combo met GPS

    Product discription:


    Based on stand-alone solution which receives ETI stream via Ethernet. This stream can be from Internet/Ethernet sources or created by you.

    - Nominal Transmit Frequency: 176 ... 239 Mhz
    - Maximal Transmit Frequency: 400 MHz (with 1Ghz reference clock)
    - Transmit Power: approximately -60 ... 15 dBm
    - Signal shoulders height: 54 dB (if TX power is 3 dBm).
    - Drivers Installation Needed: NO
    - Software Needed: NO (Only if you need to create ETI-stream yourselve, ODR-DabMUX is needed)
    - LEDs That shows state: Yes (underflow, PLL-lock, link activity, fpga status)
    - I/Q samples width: 18 bit
    - Complex sample rate: 6144 kS/s.
    - Input interface: 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
    - External power: 5V / 1A (power consumption - is up to 700mA in old PCB versions, and up to 450mA in new one's)
    - Output RF connector: SMA-Female

    The main point of creating this hardware - is to have possibility to create DAB stream without need of PC. So all CPU-intensive job, like: ETI-processing, Adding error correction codes, Adding Phase Reference, DQPSK, Fourier transform/COFDM and I/Q processing has been moved from the software to hardware part (into XC6SLX9 FPGA). After this changes been done, all what is needed - is ETI stream from the satellite provider or from ODR-DabMux sent by the TCP-connection to the board. Just set network parameters, point to the source of ETI-stream (ip and port), and set RF frequency and amplitude - and volia! There is also exciter info that describes how to enables SFN operationing by using various GPS 

    Requires ETI stream (computer running ODR-DabMUX somewhere connected to Internet or Ethernet). The audio is fed to this computer and it is this computer that creates the ETI stream. This computer can be anywhere connected to Internet, even on the other side of the world thousands of km far from DAB+ card.

    How do I setup DAB+ radio?:
    Step-by-step instructions are here: https://wiki.opendigitalradio.org/RaspDA

    The exciter itself is configured via WEB interface (enter the IP address of the DAB+ exciter into web browser).

    Output level:

    It is low, you will need an amplifier. 

    - DAB+ exciter board, new version (blue PCB)
    - External GPS receiver with cable (for better accuracy)
    - Power supply 5V 1A (EURO plug, 90-264V universal)
    - Cool custom made small aluminum box