Müssen Sie Ihr Audio vom Studio an den Remote -Sender senden? Jetzt können Sie dies mit der STLMAX -Serie von VHF- und UHF -Empfängern und Sendern tun. Bis zu 10 W/25 W Strom und Abdeckung von 45 MHz bis zu 850 MHz! STLMAX6000+ VHF/UHF -Studio zum Sender -Audioverbind

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                    STLMAX6000 15W VHF/UHF Options 

                      • STLMAX6000 10W VHF/UHF STL transmitter with LCD
                      • STLMAX6000 25W VHF/UHF STL transmitter with LCD


                      • STLMAX6000 VHF/UHF STL receiver+LCD+audio breakout
                      • Transmitter board only

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          Mehr Infos STLMAX VHF/UHF STL -Module

            Main features:

            - Synthesized from 45-850MHz (specify 10MHz segment at the time of ordering)
            - The transmitted and received frequency can be set by digital front panel (UP/DOWN keys)
            - Suitable for MPX systems (stereo encoder in studio) or for 2-channel systems (2 audio channels, left+right, with 19KHz notch filter)
            - Built-in speaker driving amp for easy monitoring at the receiving side
            - Low THD distortion: the THD value with stereo or mono demodulated and deemphasized signals is negligible
            - Flat frequency response: due to the latest generation technology and the components precision the flatness of frequency response is absolute
            - Low noise: the excellent signal to noise ratio either in mono or in stereo allows the use of this STL’s in multi-hops networks without decreasing the audio quality
            - High sensitivity: it allows for more range with smaller antennas
            - Great RF immunity: allows to operate in most hostile RF environments
            - High adjacent channel rejection: obtained thanks to the excellent mechanical shielding and the precision of RF filtering
            - High frequency stability with the internal temperature compensated crystal reference
            - Integrated LCD Display: complete diagnostic and measurement front panel LCD displays
            - Integrated information display and protection controls: for all transmit parameter and protection for malfunction

            Technical specs:



            - Transmitter is based on MAXPRO6000 so if you've used MAXPRO5000 or 6000 it will be very familiar to you
            - Synthesized from 45-850MHz (specify 10MHz segment at the time of ordering)
            - Modulation: FM, ±75 KHz peak deviation
            - Frequency stability: <±100 Hz
            - RF Output Power: 0 to 25 Watts, 0-25W (fully variable via LCD in nice gradual steps), LCD power adjustment range can also be limited to 0-1W, 0-2W, 0-3W, 0-4W ... 0-15W, 0-full, this is done with a jumper (exact options vary depending on model).
            - Output connector: BNC
            - Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
            - PLL Steps: 100KHz-500KHz, adjustable
            - Spurious/Harmonic rejection: Harmonics: >50dB, Spurious: >-75dB
            - Power Supply 15W: 12-15V/3A or car battery
            - Power Supply 25W/50W model: 48V/1.5A/2.5A
            - Quartz Locked PLL Frequency Control
            - Ultra Stable, Ultra Clean Output
            - Audio performance: Less than 0.1% distortion, 20Hz-75KHz
            - RF output ruggedness: SWR protection
            - Polarity protection, temp protection
            - Pre-emphasis, 50uS, 75uS or none
            - Audio Input Impedance: 10Kohm, unbalanced
            - Audio Input Level: 0 dB 
            - S/N ratio: >90 dB 
            - PC Board Size 15W, 25W and 50W model: 100x125mm 
            - Weight: 0.4Kg
            - Audio input: solder pads

            STL transmitter connectors
            - Audio solder pads
            - Antenna output: BNC
            - Power connector (12-15V or 48V depending on model)

            What is included with the transmitter?

            - The PCB board and LCD display. You will need to get an antenna, enclosure, power supply, a small fan and possibly a stereo encoder.

            Difference between MPX and stereo STL
            - You can just use the STLMAX exciter directly as MPX link or you can feed the audio through stereo encoder (use se2000 or se5000 please).

            Technical specifications for receiver:
            - Two-board design, RF receiver board + audio break-out board with XLR outputs and notch filters
            - Available for frequency: 45MHz-850MHz (specify 10MHz segment at the time of ordering)
            - Built-in speaker output for easy monitoring
            - Sensitivity: ~1uV 10dB SINAD (varies with frequency band)
            - Frequency response MPX: 20 Hz to 60 KHz ±0.1 dB
            - Stereo separation: 20 Hz to 15 KHz >40 dB
            - 19KHz notch attenation: > 60 dB
            - S/N Ratio : >65 dB @-40 dBm , 75 KHz dev. and 1 KHz mod.
            - THD : 20 Hz to 53 KHz <0.3%
            - Selectivity: ±160 KHz at -3 dB IF BW, ±500 KHz at -62 dB IF BW
            - Image rejection: >65 dB
            - Stereo audio output impedance: 50 ohm balanced
            - Stereo audio output connector: RCA/CINCH female
            - MPX output impedance: 75R
            - MPX output connector: BNC female and XLR balanced
            - Headphones output: >2x0.2 W stereo at 32 ohms
            - Headphones output connector: 3.5mm stereo phone jack
            - RF input impedance: 50ohm
            - RF input connector: BNC Type - female
            - Power: 12-15V DC, 1A
            - Operating temperature range: -15 to 50C
            - Dimensions RF receiver board: 125 x 100 x 30 mm
            - Dimensions audio breakout board: 80 x 100mm
            - Weight: 0.5Kg

            STL receiver connectors
            - Antenna input: BNC
            - Power connector (12-15V 1A)
            - 2-pin jumper for small speaker 
            - 3,5mm stereo phono jack for earphones
            - 2x stereo output (RCA)
            - BNC MPX output
            - 3-pin XLR balanced output


            At the time of ordering please specify 10MHz frequency band, for example 210-220MHz.


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