D & R Airlab-DT-Produktionskonsole



              d & amp; 2x Triple Inputs NO EQ | Master | USB -Steuermodul | 4x USB in/Out -Module | 2x Telco -Module und Softwaremessung.

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        Mehr Infos D & R Airlab-DT-Produktionskonsole

          We have redesigned our popular AIRLAB MK2

          From now on it is only available as a Drop Through version, making space for Monitors.

          At the same time we have replaced the VU meters by a software meter application.

          BUT... there are more changes then the cosmetics you see.

          USB in/output channels has been added to the available module choice.

          Now you can return your play-out system, with maximum 4 stereo channels.

          Directly from your PC into the Airlab-DT, no extra audio cards necessary!

          We have also added an optional available USB control section.

          Direct control of any Play-out system is possible from the front panel of the AIRLAB-DT.

          We are happy to make any quotation you like.


          THE AIRLAB-DT FRAME CAN ACCEPT 16 MODULES Triple stereo input (mic/line/line) with or without EQ.

          Digital triple input module with Mic/Line/AES in and Main program or SUB out. 
          • USB stereo module with Mic/Line/USB.
          • Telco module with excellent built in Hybrid. Control module (taking 2 module positions) based on HID USB protocol.
          • Every module is VCA's driven by smooth running K-ALPS faders.
          • Easy interfacing due to industry standard connectors.
          • Software programmable internal settings with storage on Chip cards.
          • Reliable, digitally controlled analog signal path.
          • A maximum of 48 channel input sources and 5 stereo main outputs + CRM/Announcer/Guest and Cue.
          • Easy to service, due to modular construction.
          • Over 950 units installed worldwide.
          DID YOU KNOW THAT... The Airlab has INSERTS on mic inputs for voice processors.
          • The Airlab can have output transformers on the main and Sub outputs.
          • The Airlab has Windows 8 software.
          • The Airlab can have an extra balanced Mono Program Output.
          • The Airlab can have an extra balanced Mono SUB Output.
          • The Airlab can have output transformers on these extra outputs.
          • The Airlab can accept R.I.A.A. pre amps on every triple input module. The Airlab can be ordered with 2x extra VU meters showing the SUB output.