FM -Senderpaket RDS und DSP 1 - 4 Watt Nano1-4


            Dieses Nano 1-4-Paket basiert auf unserer Cyber-Nano-FM+ 1W-Rack-FM-Sender-Serie für anspruchsvolle Sender.

            Dies ist ein kleines, aber gut gebautes und zuverlässiges Paket mit DSP -Stereo- und RDS, Antenne, optionalem Stromversorgungsversorgung, Anschlüssen und Koaxialkabeln.

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                    • 4W
                    • No upgrade

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          Product discription:

          This Nano 1-4 package is based on our CYBER NANO FM+ 1W rack-mounted FM transmitter series for demanding broadcasters.

          This is a small, but well built and reliable package with DSP stereo and RDS, antenna, optional mains power supply, connectors and coaxial cable. This package can also be powered from a car battery (13.8V-15V) which can save lives in emergency. A perfect backup transmitter for a large radio station, main transmitter for a small community radio, church radio or an exciter for a larger FM amplifier. Very suitable for portable or improvized installations and small radio stations in Africa and other remote installations, advertising (housing, shops), special occasions, drive-in cinema wireless sound distribution, translation.

          - Excellent audio quality and stereo separation (DSP+DDS modulator)
          - DIGIAMP connector at the back for easy interfacing to amplifiers
          - USB audio input for direct connection to PC or laptop
          - High quality ESD protected RF hardened balanced inputs
          - Enough power for up to 30km of range with good antenna and location on a mountain top (50W)
          - Fully portable and can run from car battery or battery pack. 
          - Includes everything, even coaxial cable and antenna
          - DIGIAMP interface for easy connection to ampbox (easily upgrades to a 500W or 1000W transmitter and shows power etc on the exciter's LCD)

          WHAT'S INCLUDED? 
          CyberNanoFM+ 1W FM transmitter with DSP and RDS
          - An antenna
          - 5m of coaxial cable with matching connectors installed


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