FM -Senderpaket RDS und DSP 50 Watt Nano

FM -Senderpaket RDS und DSP 50 Watt Nano


Dieses Nano 50-Paket basiert auf unserer Cyber-Nano-FM+ 50W-Rack-FM-Sender-Serie für anspruchsvolle Sender.

Dies ist ein kleines, aber gut gebautes und zuverlässiges Paket mit DSP-Stereo- und RDS. Dieses Paket kann auch von einer Autokatterie (13,8 V-15 V) betrieben werden, die Leben im Notfall retten kann. Ein perfekter Backup -Sender für einen großen Radiosender. Sehr geeignet für besondere Anlässe, Drive-In-Kino-Wireless Sound Distribution, Übersetzung.

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  • Install N-Connector output

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Mehr Infos FM -Senderpaket RDS und DSP 50 Watt Nano

Product discription:

This Nano 1 package is based on our CYBER NANO FM+ 50W rack-mounted FM transmitter series for demanding broadcasters.

This is a small, but well built and reliable package with DSP stereo and RDS. This package can also be powered from a car battery (13.8V-15V) which can save lives in emergency. A perfect backup transmitter for a large radio station, main transmitter for a small community radio, church radio or an exciter for a larger FM amplifier. Very suitable for portable or improvized installations and small radio stations in Africa and other remote installations, advertising (housing, shops), special occasions, drive-in cinema wireless sound distribution, translation.

- Excellent audio quality and stereo separation (DSP+DDS modulator)
- DIGIAMP connector at the back for easy interfacing to amplifiers
- USB audio input for direct connection to PC or laptop
- High quality ESD protected RF hardened balanced inputs
- Enough power for up to 30km of range with good antenna and location on a mountain top (50W)
- Fully portable and can run from car battery or battery pack. 
- Includes everything, even coaxial cable and antenna
- DIGIAMP interface for easy connection to ampbox (easily upgrades to a 500W or 1000W transmitter and shows power etc on the exciter's LCD)


  • CyberNanoFM+ 50W FM transmitter with DSP and RDS
  • Power supply
  • 10 meter coax cable including connectors
  • GP wide band antenna

Technical facts:

  • Frequency range 87.5 to 108MHz (ask for other bands)- Smallest PLL step 100KHz 
  • Output power: 1W/15W/25W/50W depending on model, adjustable from 0 to max via LCD in nice even steps
  • Output impedance: 50 unbalanced, VSWR less than 2:1 for full output
  • RF output connector: 50ohm BNC female (rear panel, N female available on request)
  • Audio input connectors: RCA (cinch) and XLR, USB for digital audio
  • Audio level: 1Vpp
  • Audio input impedance: 10Kohms
  • Pre-emphasis: Flat, 50 or 75usec, adjustable
  • RF Spurious: >-50 dBc @ +- 1MHz min. away from carrier
  • RF Harmonics: > -50 dBc Standard
  • Monitoring Led: Power on, SWR/TEMP/PLL error
  • Harmonic distortion (THD): > 0,1% ( 0,05% typ. )
  • Channel separation: >40 dB, 20Hz to 15kHz
  • Power supply: 12-15V/2,5A (15W), 4-5A (25W), 8A (50W)
  • Standard 19" 1HE rack, 125mm deep (about 5")
  • Weight about 4kg (volumetric)