MRFX1K80 RF Power LDMOS Transistor 1800W

MRFX1K80 RF Power LDMOS Transistor 1800W Vergrößern

MRFX1K80 RF Power LDMOS Transistor 1800W

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NXP Semiconductors MRFX1K80 RF Power LDMOS Transistor 1800W

nxp MRFX1K80 RF -Leistung LDMOS -Transistor kombiniert hohe HF -Ausgangsleistung, überlegene Robustheit und thermische Leistung. Der MRFX1K80 -Transistor ist so konzipiert, dass er 1800 W bei 65 V CW (kontinuierliche Welle) für Anwendungen von 1 MHz bis 470 MHz liefert und das Stehwellenverhältnis von 65: 1 Spannung (VSWR) umführen kann.

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Mehr Infos MRFX1K80 RF Power LDMOS Transistor 1800W

Product discription:

NXP MRFX1K80 RF Power LDMOS Transistor combines high RF output power, superior ruggedness, and thermal performance. The MRFX1K80 Transistor is designed to deliver 1800W at 65V CW (Continuous Wave) for applications from 1MHz to 470MHz and is capable of handling 65:1 voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR).

The high voltage of the MRFX1K80 RF Power LDMOS Transistor enables higher output power, which helps decrease the number of transistors to combine, simplifying power amplifiers complexity and reducing their size. The high voltage also lowers the current in the system, limiting the stresses on DC power supplies and reducing magnetic radiation.

The MRFX1K80 is also pin-to-pin compatible with previous generation NXP LDMOS transistors, making it possible for RF designers to reuse existing printed circuit board (PCB) designs for a shorter time to market.

The MRFX1K80 RF Power LDMOS Transistor is offered in two package types. The MRFX1K80H is housed in a NI-1230 air cavity ceramic package, with a low thermal resistance of 0.09ºC/W. The MRFX1K80N is housed in an OM-1230 Over-Molded plastic package, and will typically offer a 30% lower thermal resistance.


  • Based on 65V LDMOS technology
  • Wide 1MHz to 470MHz frequency range
  • Characterized from 30V to 65V for extended power range
  • High breakdown voltage for enhanced reliability and higher efficiency architectures
  • High drain-source avalanche energy absorption capability
  • Suitable for linear application with appropriate biasing
  • Integrated ESD protection with greater negative gate-source voltage range for improved Class C operation
  • Characterized with series equivalent large-signal impedance parameters
  • VSWR >65:1 at all phase angles
  • 24dB power gain @ 230Mhz (typical)
  • 74% Efficiency (typical)
  • Low thermal resistance
  • RoHS compliant


  • Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM)
    • Laser generation
    • Plasma etching
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    • Diathermy, skin laser, RF ablation
    • Industrial heating, welding and drying systems
    • Particle accelerators
  • Broadcast
    • Radio broadcast (FM/DAB)
    • VHF TV broadcast
  • Aerospace
    • VHF omnidirectional range (VOR)
    • HF and VHF communications
    • Weather radar
  • Mobile Radio
    • VHF base station


Technical facts:

Productcategorie: RF MOSFET-transistors
Fabrikant: NXP
RoHS: RoHS-conformiteit
Polariteit transistor: Dual N-Channel
Id - Continue afvoerstroom: 43 A
Vds - Doorslagspanning van druppelbron: 193 V
Versterking: 25.1 dB
Uitgangsvermogen: 1800 W
Maximale bedrijfstemperatuur: + 150 C
Montagetype: SMD/SMT
Verpakking / doos: NI-1230H-4S
Merk: NXP Semiconductors
Voorwaartse transconductantie - min: 44.7 S
Minimale bedrijfstemperatuur: - 40 C
Aantal kanalen: 2 Channel
Werkingsfrequentie: 1.8 MHz to 400 MHz
Pd - Vermogensverlies: 2247 W
Reeks: MRFX1K80
Verpakkingshoeveelheid af fabriek: 50
Type: RF Power MOSFET
Vgs - Poort-bronspanning: - 6 V, + 10 V
Vgs th - Drempelspanning van ingangsbron: 2.5 V
Gewicht per stuk: 13,159 g