HF -Ausgangskarte für N oder SO239 Connector1KW


            RF -Ausgangsplatine 1 kW für N oder SO239 -Stecker ohne SWR/PWR -Richtungskuppler

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                  Output board options 

                    • 1000W RF Output Board, no coax
                    • 1000W RF Output Board, with coax

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          Product discription:

          A simple solution that could make your life so much easier. If you ever wanted to mount a N or SO239 connector to your enclosure and connect coaxial cable to it in a clean and effective way without adding parasitic inductance and making it all look like a mess, you probably noticed that this isn't so easy to do. We do have a simple solution, however. This small PCB screws tightly and directly to the N or SO239 connector (see pictures) and enables a clean, low series inductance and a professionally looking contact. Perfect for RF up to microwave range. 
          Coaxial cable can be easily soldered to the terminals as shown on the photos. We recommend teflon based coaxial cable for such interconnection wiring since teflon isolation does not melt when soldered or heated due to high power level. Boards with installed 15cm of RG142 teflon cable are also available. This cable is also prepared for soldering on its free end, making installation extremely simple.


          Technical facts:

          - Size: 33mmx29mm
          - Power handling: 1000W 
          - Frequency range: 0 - 1000MHz 
          - Connectors supported: N and SO239 
          - Includes: Empty PCB, connector and screws not included

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