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OMB Professional COM LIM 10 audio processor plus RDS Bekijk groter

OMB Professional COM LIM 10 audio processor plus RDS




OMB COM LIM 10 audio processor incl RDS Encoder

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OMB COM LIM 10 audio processor incl RDS Encoder




The COM LIM 10 audio processor is the combination of professional Digital Stereo generator (with more than 60dB channel separation) and a high-dynamic adjusted limiter, with stop band rejection bigger than 90dB above 75KHz.

Furthermore it includes a 3-band equalizer. All these advanced characteristics, makes the COM LIM 10 an equipment that provides a whole range of professional features, really useful in all radio studios. It also includes RDS/RBDS digital encoder. Programming, visualization and control trough LCD display.











Technical Facts:
  • Weight 4.5Kg. approximately
  • Dimensions 1RU; 352x483x44mm
  • AC Rate 220VAC / 110VAC
  • Preset Curves 30, factory programmed
  • ANALOG STEREO AUDIO INPUT Conversion 24bit
  • Connector Type XLR Female el. Balanced
  • Max. Input Level +20dBu
  • Level Range -12dBu to 12dBu (1dB step)
  • Impedance 600Ω / 10Kω EMI -suppressed
  • AGC Range ±20dB (Sensitivity Relative)
  • DIGITAL AUDIO INPUT (optional)
  • Connector Type XLR el. Bal. + optical Tos link
  • Formats AES/EBU, SPDIF
  • Sampling Rates 32KHz / 44.1KHz / 48KHz / 96KHz
  • Configuration Automatic selection and jitter correction
  • Input sensitivity 200mVpp
  • AGC Range 0 to -20dBFs
  • AGC OPERATION AGC Speed 0 to 6 dB/sec (adjustable - 0.2dB step) 
    AGC Hold time Selectable, from 0 to 3 sec. AGC Max Gain Selectable 8, 10, 12, 15 or 20dB
  • PROCESSING Nº of Bands 3 (Bass, Mid, High) Nº of Presets 30
  • BASS Compress. THR: related to the chosen Preset ATCK Time: 80ms, REL Time: 250ms. Compr. Ratio: 1: INF
  • MID Compressor THR: related to the chosen Preset ATCK Time: 30ms, REL Time: 90ms Compr. Ratio: 1: INF
  • HIGH Compress. THR: related to the chosen Preset ATCK Time: 10ms, REL Time: 50ms. Compr. Ratio: 1: INF
  • Broadband Limiter ATCK Time: 5ms, REL Time: 50ms
  • Dynamic expander (noise gate)
    Applied to high frequencies band
    Gate threshold adjustable between -51dB and -80dB
    Expansion ratio 2:1 (fixed)
  • STEREO AUDIO OUTPUT (ST version only)
  • Connector Type XLR male el. Balanced
  • Conversion 24bit
  • Impedance 600Ω / 10kΩ EMI -suppressed Level -10dBm to +14dBm (0.5 dBm Step)
    Serial Ports
    2 RS232 SubD 9P optically decoupled
    Baud Rate
    19200 Baud
    IIR 8Th Order Elliptic, 15KHz / -0.1dB, 17KHz/-60dB
    BY-PASS MODE (AGC Off, Gain Ofst 0dB, Out Lvl 0dB)
  • Frequency Resp. 30Hz -15KHz (±0.1dB)
  • Output Noise -90dB (A-weighted)
  • THD 0.01%
  • PassBand Ripple ±0.1dB
    LP 400Hz
    IIR 2th Order-Butterworth
    BP 400Hz-5KHz
    IIR 4th Order-Butterworth
    BP 5KHz-15KHz
    IIR 4th Order-Butterworth
    High Fr. Denoiser
    Threshold Adjustable -51 to -80dB
  • MPX OUTPUT (FM version only)
    Pilot Frequency19KHz ± 1Hz
    Pilot Injection-15.5 to -25.0dB (0.1dB step) (from 5.6% to 16.8%)
    Pilot PhaseAdjustable ±12degrees (1dB step)
  • Stereo Separation55dB Typical on the whole band
    Crosstalk M/S60dB
    Crosstalk S/M60dB
  • 38KHz Suppr.
    Less than measurable level
  • MPX out level-9.0dBm to +15.0dBm (0.1dBm step)
    Output Impedance600Ω
    Output ConnectorBNC floating over chassis,
  • EMI supp.
    Pilot ref. output
    TTL Level Wave
  • AUX INPUT (1 and 2) (MPX version only)
  • Connector Typefloating BNC, EMI suppressed
    Input Level-40 to 0 dBm
    PurposeSCA, RDS inputs
    RDS / RBDS CODER (FM version only)
  • Supported Standards
    RDS (Radio Data System), conforming to the standard CENELEC EN50067 
    RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) conf. to the standard NRSC
    Standard coding methods 
    PI, TP, TA, M/S, RT, PSN, PTY, DI, AF (8 lists)
    Custom coding methods
    PS Sequence (up to 8 messages), PS Scrolling (up to 32 characters)
    RDS subcarrier freq.57kHz ±3Hz
    RDS output levelAdjustable from -44.0dB to -20.0dB (0.1dB/Step)
  • SynchronizationTo internal 19KHz pilot tone




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OMB Professional COM LIM 10 audio processor plus RDS

OMB Professional COM LIM 10 audio processor plus RDS

OMB COM LIM 10 audio processor incl RDS Encoder

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