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    Label Italy Circular polarization broadband FM antenna AKG/7 These broadband broadcasting antennas for circular polarization FM are highly resistant and made entirely of stainless steel with PTFE insulator. They can be disassembled into several parts to facilitate shipping.

    € 413,21
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  • € 161,15 In Stock

    IMG STAGELINE Large diaphragm condenser Studio-microphone Large diaphragm condenser microphone, for professional studio applications.

    € 161,15
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  • € 74,37 In Stock

    Swivel arm microphone stand, for mounting onto a desk Home studio and Broadcast Studio 

    € 74,37
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  • € 235,53 In Stock

    Label Italy Circular polarization Narrow Band FM antenna AKG/8 These Circular polarization tuned FM antennas, very resistant but light, entirely made of stainless steel. This antenna is factory tuned at any frequency within 87.5 to 108 MHz. It can be easily retuned on any new frequency inside the FM band with the simple aid of suitable instrumentation. Please specify the desired frequency during your order.

    € 235,53
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  • € 1.834,70 In Stock

    D&R AIRLITE-USB  8 channel BROADCAST MIXER Eight dual inputs Built in auto Silence detector 4 USB in/out stereo channels Play out USB control section included AES 3 digital program output optional Various GPIO options are software programmable Drop through design Ideal for Production, Voice tracking and ON-AIR CRM, Announcer and  Phone outputs Bi directional Cue communication bus Built in VOIP functionality Incoming phone calls visible on screen Clean feed output for external Hybrid Internal NON STOP switching

    € 1.834,70
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  • € 136,36 In Stock

    2-channel USB recording interface model BEE. With integrated USB audio interface (identified and addressed as an external sound card).

    € 136,36
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  • € 714,87 In Stock

    Available Now With the D&R GSM Hybrid you can add a simple and effective wireless interface that your reporters can call. With features like HD voice, Echo cancelling, digital EQ and application control over USB on your PC it is a nice tool to expand the communication possibilities of your studio with your reporters in the field.

    € 714,87
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  • € 450,40 In Stock

    D&R Telephone Hybrid-2 active 19 inch unit is an analog unit with digital control and features like ducking making intelligibility a lot better in broadcast

    € 450,40
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  • € 309,91 In Stock

    Label Italy DAB Dipole Antenna wide band BKV/1N-DAB, DIPOLE DAB 200-230Mhz, Aluminium 500W

    € 309,91
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  • € 482,64 In Stock

    2-channel multifrequency receiver, featuring UHF PLL technology, model: TXS-920. With two license-free frequency ranges (E-band: 823-832 MHz and 863-865 MHz), this receiver offers versatility and reliability for your audio needs. With an impressive selection of 442 channels and 4 groups, each with 8 channels, you have plenty of options to customize your setup.

    € 482,64
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  • € 1.119,83 In Stock

    Label Italy Double dipole broadband FM panel antenna model AKK Dual dipole broadband FM panel antennas with a high recommendation for high power transmitters. These antennas are available for vertical or horizontal polarization.

    € 1.119,83
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  • € 49,58 In Stock

    Microphone preamplifier, for connecting up to 2 microphones to a line input of a HiFi system, an amplifier or a mixer. 

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