• € 57,84 In Stock

    Fm GPA series Broadcast antenna | Sirio GPA 66-108 500 Watt

    € 57,84
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  • € 355,36 In Stock

    Label Italy DAB Dipole Antenna wide band BKV/1N-DAB, DIPOLE DAB 200-230Mhz, Aluminium 500W

    € 355,36
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  • € 111,56 In Stock

    SAM DJ Play Out Software  Organize your playlist for any party. Queue tunes in advance, detect beats and use mixing tools for smooth song transitions.  100% Windows 8/10 Compatible

    € 111,56
    Online only
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  • € 49,58 In Stock

    Efficient stereo headphone amplifier, can also be used as a small power amplifier for 4-8 Ω speaker systems Robust metal housing Stereo RCA input 6.3 mm stereo output Volume control and balance control

    € 49,58
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  • € 28,92 In Stock

    Microphone mixer Model MMX-31. The quick method to mix three microphones to one microphone input and nevertheless allow for an individual level adjustment.

    € 28,92
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  • € 219,00 In Stock

    SAM Cast the #1 Live Streaming Solution All in one solution for your live streaming needs Advanced sound processing guarantees great sound Immediately connect with your audience 100% Windows 8/10 Compatible

    € 219,00
    Online only
    In Stock
  • € 128,09 In Stock

    IMG STAGELINE Large diaphragm condenser Studio-microphone Large diaphragm condenser microphone, for professional studio applications. 2.5 cm (1") extra thin gold-plated diaphragm 48 V phantom power Supplied with vibration absorbing support (spider) with 16 mm (⅝") thread and leather bag

    € 128,09
    In Stock
  • € 186,15 € 219,00 -15% In Stock

    FM Power Splitter Single Step - 1 - 5 KW are made of aluminum and externally powder painted. With PTFE insulator and washers o-ring on connectors and closure caps. Here you can find the various models and specifications.

    € 186,15 € 219,00 -15%
    Reduced price!
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  • € 407,85 € 582,64 -30% In Stock

    This Nano 1 is based on our CYBER NANO FM+ 1W rack-mounted FM transmitter series for demanding broadcasters. This is a small, but well built and reliable package with DSP stereo and RDS, This package can also be powered from a car battery (13.8V-15V) which can save lives in emergency. A perfect backup transmitter for a large radio station, main...

    € 407,85 € 582,64 -30%
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  • € 121,48 € 202,47 -40% In Stock

    Mini LED beam moving headSmall but highly effective beam with small dimensions and a low weight. Ideally suited for use at parties.

    € 121,48 € 202,47 -40%
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  • € 82,64 Delivery: 10 - 15 days

    Fm Dipole DP 100 Broadcast antenna | Sirio, Base station antenna, Mono-band Unity-gain, Horizontal or Vertical polarization, Directional (if Horizontal) or Omnidirectional (if Vertical), High power handling capability, Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832

    € 82,64
    Delivery: 10 - 15 days
  • € 280,98 In Stock

    Start your Internet Radio Station with SAM Broadcaster PRO. The #1 Internet Broadcasting Solution since 2003 Winner of 21 software and web awards Powering 200,000 radio stations in 160 countries Unrivalled Support Free product updates for 12 months  

    € 280,98
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