• € 450,40 In Stock

    D&R Telephone Hybrid-2 active 19 inch unit is an analog unit with digital control and features like ducking making intelligibility a lot better in broadcast

    € 450,40
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  • € 52,06 € 57,84 10% Discount In Stock

    Microphone Stereo line Mixer MMX-8 8 mono channels, switchable mic/line Selection of 4 stereo channels 2 output level controls, 2 peak LEDs Supplied without battery

    € 52,06 € 57,84 10% Discount
    Reduced price!
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  • € 479,74 € 533,05 10% Discount In Stock

    Special: New transmitter package un-used and un-packaged. Nano 1watt package is based on our CYBER NANO FM+ 1W rack-mounted FM transmitter series for demanding broadcasters. This is a small, but well built and reliable package with DSP stereo and RDS, antenna, optional mains power supply, connectors and coaxial cable. 

    € 479,74 € 533,05 10% Discount
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  • € 133,26 € 177,68 25% Discount In Stock

    Mini LED beam moving headSmall but highly effective beam with small dimensions and a low weight. Ideally suited for use at parties.

    € 133,26 € 177,68 25% Discount
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  • € 235,53 In Stock

    Label Italy Circular polarization Narrow Band FM antenna AKG/8 These Circular polarization tuned FM antennas, very resistant but light, entirely made of stainless steel. This antenna is factory tuned at any frequency within 87.5 to 108 MHz. It can be easily retuned on any new frequency inside the FM band with the simple aid of suitable instrumentation. Please specify the desired frequency during your order.

    € 235,53
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  • € 194,21 In Stock

    FM Power Splitter Single Step - 1 - 5 KW are made of aluminum and externally powder painted. With PTFE insulator and washers o-ring on connectors and closure caps. Here you can find the various models and specifications.

    € 194,21
    In Stock
  • € 276,85 In Stock

    These wide band FM antennas, are available in three versions: aluminum, stainless steel or hot dipped steel. Demountable antenna model AKS-1 is also available in low cost version with code: AKSE-1N ( "N" type connector ). AKF-1N is the low cost version of aluminum dipole, like AKH-1.

    € 276,85
    In Stock
  • € 483,46 In Stock

    Label Italy DAB Plus Yagi Radio Transmitter Antenna Stainless steel BKV/3 Model options: BKV/3N YAGI VHF 3 Elem. Wide band, 174 - 225Mhz, Stainless steel 500W 5dBd N BKV/3M YAGI VHF 3 Elem. Wide band, 174 - 225Mhz, Stainless steel 1,5KW 5dBd 7/16 BKV/3N-2 YAGI VHF 3 Elem. Wide band, 200 - 240Mhz, Stainless steel 500W 5dBd N BKV/3M-2 YAGI VHF 3 Elem. Wide band, 200 - 240Mhz, Stainless steel 1,5KW 5dBd 7/16

    € 483,46
    In Stock
  • € 198,34 In Stock

    SAM Cast the #1 Live Streaming Solution All in one solution for your live streaming needs Advanced sound processing guarantees great sound Immediately connect with your audience 100% Windows 8/10 Compatible

    € 198,34
    Online only
    In Stock
  • € 90,90 In Stock

    Fm Broadcast antenna broadband GP 87-108 LBN | Sirio

    € 90,90
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  • € 49,58 In Stock

    Microphone preamplifier, for connecting up to 2 microphones to a line input of a HiFi system, an amplifier or a mixer. 

    € 49,58
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  • € 74,37 In Stock

    Passive stereo level control (XLR version), for a precise volume control of line signals,for inserting between analogue signal sources and amplifiers or active speakers, e.g. between a PC sound card and active speaker systems.

    € 74,37
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