Cybermax-8000+ DSP-Stereo- und RDS-Encoder

Cybermax-8000+ DSP-Stereo- und RDS-Encoder



Cybermax -8000+ DSP -Stereo- und RDS -Encoder mit LCD -Anzeige - Neue RDS -Funktionen

Cybermax8000+ DSP/RDS -Stereo -Encoder bietet eine hervorragende Stereo -Trennung mit 114x -Überabtastung, RDS und DSP

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€ 499,99

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Mehr Infos Cybermax-8000+ DSP-Stereo- und RDS-Encoder

Product discription:

CyberMax-8000+ DSP stereo encoder offers excellent stereo separation with 114x oversampling, RDS and DSP. Based on our latest SE8000 DSP+ with built-in compressor, limiter, balanced inputs, sharp 19KHz stereo carrier notch filter, pre-emphasis, LC input filters and ESD protected inputs which all help to bring out the best sound. Perfect for a demanding, but cost-conscious broadcaster. DSP filters and others all make this encoder a real bargain. This is your perfect gateway into the world of excellent stereo separation and sound!


Technical facts:

  • Audio Response: 10Hz-15KHz, DSP or LC filtered (as per CCIR standards)
    - DSP: 24-bit Digital Signal Processor, Analog: LC filters
    - 19KHz notch filter, >-60 dB typ
    - Precise pre-emphasis, 50uS, 75uS or none
    - Audio Input Impedance: 10Kohm, balanced or unbalanced
    - Audio Input Level: 0 dB
    - Distortion: <0.1%
    - S/N ratio: >90 dB
    - Separation: >60 dB typ. (much more than typical radio receivers can resolve)
    - Pilot Frequency: 19 KHz, 114x oversampled MPX
    - Output Impedance: 75 Ohms
    - Power Requirements: 12-15VDC / 200mA
    - PC Board Size: 100x120mm
    - Audio connectors: all RCA jacks are mounted on the board, 3-pin jumpers for XLR balanced inputs, optional MCX or solder pads for MPX output
    - Power connector: solder pads
    - Output level: Ueff 1-4V adjustable with trimmer
  • RDS encoder will work independently from the PC (memory stays unchanged for at least 45 years after power-off, RTC 10-14 days)

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