Coaxial Kabel Aarding Kit


          Coaxial cable grounding kit

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                      • Kit 1
                      • Kit 2

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          Meer informatie Coaxial Kabel Aarding Kit

          Product Discription:

          Coaxial cable should be grounded at the base of the tower and before entering buildings. These grounding kits accomplish this task, to install remove outside insulation on a small section of the coaxial cable and install the clamp. Instructions and sealing materials are included.


           Technical Facts:

          These two packages are available at the moment

          • Package 1:
            • For the following coaxial cable types: H155, RG142, H2007, Aircell7, LMR300 and similar diameter cables


          • Package 2:
            • For the following coaxial cable types: H500, AircomPLUS, Trilan and similar cables with diameter around 10mm

              Make sure to connect the ground to a well earthed point.