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TEM Opera Plus 10 W FM Zender pakket



Tem OPERA plus 10W FM Zenderpakket compleet met coax, connectoren en antenne

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€ 1.352,72 incl. BTW


€ 1.454,54

Stereo optie 

  • Basis MPX Mono versie

  • Digital Stereo encoder met Digital inputs


  • RDS encoder

  • Zonder RDS

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Meer informatie

Product info:

Tem OPERA plus 10W FM 87,5÷108MHz transmitters use amplifiers with 6^ generation LDMos technology, practically unbreakable.The technical solutions adopted by our engineers are focused to assure energy saving (among the lowest) and high reliability. Settings, protections, telemetry are totally microprocessor controlled. The installation and the maintenance of the equipment are respectively very fast and easy.These fully protected transmitters are indicated for use in unmanned stations.


- Wideband circuits amplifiers with LD-Mos technology

- Built-in exciter with digital frequency synthesiser

- Stereo encoder,RDS,AES-ABU and Audio change-over built-in

- Automatic fold-back ROS protection

- Fold-back temperature protection

- LCD display to check all operating parameters

- 10W-100W amplifiers in only one heat-sink for highest reliability

- Switching-mode Power Supply - Efficiency >95%

- Sealed duct cooling air with blowers

- Easy removable blowers

- Harmonics filter & directional coupler built-in 1 unit 19” standard rack

- GSM Telemetry & TCP/IP Webserver

- Headphone jack on front panel

Technical Specs:

- Operating Voltage: 100V ÷ 240V AC

- Cooling system: forced air 

- AC Consumption: <110VA (50W) <100VA (100W)  

- Operational Temperature Range: -5° to 50°C

- Storage Temperature Range: -10° to 60°C

- RF Output connector: “N”  

- RFMonitor connector: BNC

- Dimension: 485x44,4x625mm 

- Weight: 6/8 kg

What is Included:

  • Transmitter 10 Watt MPX version ( optional RDS and Stereo encoder )
  • 10 meter Celf400 coax cable including connectors
  • Wideband FM GP antenna

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