OMB Professional VHF TV PANEL Antenne



    OMB Professional VHF TV PANEL Antenne

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    Meer informatie OMB Professional VHF TV PANEL Antenne

    OMB Professional VHF TV PANEL 



    This double-dipole antenna panel for Band III is suitable for medium and high power radiating systems, for both horizontal or vertical polarization. It is a broadband panel so no adjustments are required. It is a very sturdy panel with dipoles made of stainless steel and reflector of hot dipped galvanized steel. A DC-ground lightning protection is also included.









    Technical Facts:
    • FREQUENCY RANGE174 ~ 225MHz
    • GAIN7.5dBd
    • POLARIZATIONVertical / Horizontal
    • WEIGHT55 lbs (25Kg approx.)
    • MOUNTING1 ~ 3'' tubes
    • MATERIALStainless steel dipoles and hot dipped galvanized steel reflector
    • TYPICAL VSWR1.4 : 1 (< -22dB return loss)
    • DIMENSIONS1250 x 870 x 400 mm




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