MRF300BN RF 300 W

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MRF300BN RF 300 W

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MRF300BN RF MOSFET-transistors RF Power LDMOS Transistor, 300 W CW over 1.8-250 MHz, 50 V

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Productinformatie MRF300BN RF 300 W

Product discription:

MRF300BN RF Power LDMOS Transistors High Ruggedness N--Channel
Enhancement--Mode Lateral MOSFETs
These high ruggedness devices are designed for use in high VSWR industrial,
scientific and medical applications and HF and VHF communications as well as
radio and VHF TV broadcast, sub--GHz aerospace and mobile radio applications.
Their unmatched input and output design allows for wide frequency range use
from 1.8 to 250 MHz


  • Unmatched input and output allowing wide frequency range
  • Two opposite pin--connection versions (A and B) to be used in
    a push--pull, two--up configuration for wideband performance
  • Characterized from 30 to 50 V
  • Suitable for linear application
  • Integrated ESD protection with greater negative gate--source
    voltage range for improved Class C operation
  • Typical Applications
    Industrial, scientific, medical (ISM)
    Laser generation
    Plasma etching
    Particle accelerators
    MRI and other medical applications
    Industrial heating, welding and drying systems
    Radio broadcast
    VHF TV broadcast
    Mobile radio
    VHF base stations
    HF and VHF communications
    Switch mode power supplies