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              SAM DJ Play Out Software, Organize your playlist for any party. Queue tunes in advance, detect beats and use mixing tools for smooth song transitions. 100% Windows 8/10 Compatible


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        Meer informatie SAM DJ Play Out Software

          SAM DJ  Play Out Software Your complete fully featured, professional DJ system.
          100% Windows 8/10 Compatible
          SAM DJ
          The best way to make sure you bring the house down!
          • Queue tunes in advance
          • Detect beats and use mixing tools for smooth transitions
          • Avoid dead air with the gap-killer
          • Free product updates for 12 months
          • 90% of support tickets answered in 2 hours
          Sound Professional
          Add digital signal processing (DSP) effects on a single channel or several combined channels to make sure you sound great!Announcements
          Pre-record announcements with voice tracking and play them when the time is right.Full control
          Control intros, stop points and fades, or let SAM DJ  do it for you.
          Music LibrarySAM DJ  can automatically categorize and manage over 50,000 tracks.HistorySAM DJ  keeps a detailed history of all the tracks you play, to avoid repeats.Beat matchingSAM DJ  can detect beats so you can better match tracks when mixing. 
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