MPX stereo UHF PLL in-ear monitoring system SIEM-111

MPX stereo UHF PLL in-ear monitoring system SIEM-111 Bekijk groter

MPX stereo UHF PLL in-ear monitoring system SIEM-111

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Number: 25.2830

In-ear Monitoring System 64 channels in 4 groups, 961 frequencies

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Productinformatie MPX stereo UHF PLL in-ear monitoring system SIEM-111

In-ear Monitoring System 64 channels in 4 groups, 961 frequencies


Product Discription:
MPX stereo UHF PLL in-ear monitoring system

Finally, the stage goes quiet! The SIEM-111/2 is a wireless monitor system with excellent sound characteristics and a high flexibility. Acoustic feedback is a thing of the past. Every musician or user can create his/her own individual monitor mix in stereo mode or mono/mix mode. The in-ear system also provides excellent services at live acts, e.g. theatre performances, musical performances or speech applications where prompting is required.

64 preset channels in four groups of 16 channels each support a quick set-up. 961 frequencies in total are available. 16 wireless monitor ways can be used for an intermodulation-free parallel high transmission reliability. Transmitter and receiver feature a lock function, multifunctional display and a limiter which prevents overload or protects the hearing in case of signal peaks. Cable-connected earphones or headphones can be connected to the transmitter via 3.5mm or 6.3mm stereo jack. Supplied with high-quality earphones for the receiver.

482mm (19") rack installation possible with supplied mounting brackets.

Licence required for this system in the EU!

The frequency range 790-862MHz is going to be made available for mobile Internet use (digital dividend). With a parallel operation of wireless microphones/Internet, interference may occur. Problems are also possible in rural areas. Alternatively, we offer wireless microphone systems with the new frequency range 740-764MHz. This new frequency range requires a licence in the EU!




Technical Facts:


  • Carrier frequency range740-764MHz

  • Audio frequency range50-15,000Hz

  • Frequency stability±0.005%

  • Transmitting power10mW

  • Connections2 x combo input, 2 x loop output, bal. via 6.3mm jack

  • Power supply100-240V via integr. switch-mode PSU

  • Dimensions212x44x239mm (WxHxD)

  • Weight1.3kg