OMB hocheffizient 1000W (1 kW) FM -Sender


            EM 1000 He Dig Plus Compact -Sender wurde vom OMB -Zentrum zur Entwicklung hocheffizienter Sender


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                  Stereo encoder 

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          EM 1000 HE DIG PLUS COMPACT FM Transmitter


          Product Discription:
          The new EM 1000 HE DIG PLUS COMPACT transmitter has been created by the OMB center for the development of high efficient transmitters. Flexibility, quality, compactness, and low electrical consumption make the devices in the EM 1000 HE DIG PLUS COMPACT the best offered on the market today. The transmitter can be supplied with an internal digital stereo generator board (60dB separation).

          NEW FMA 1000 HE MAIN FEATURES:
          • Typical AC efficiency of 75%. Typical RF efficiency of 84%
          • 2 amplifying modules of 600W with MOSFET technology
          • Memory recording of events
          • Speed control of cooling fans according to the temperature of power modules for optimizing the consumption and decreasing the acoustic contamination
          • Advanced protection against load mismatches without transmission cuts and fast protection in case of excessive reflected power and/or excessive input power.
          • Low pass filter, Mains EMI filter and internal single-phase transient suppressor
          • Automatic power reduction at night
          • Automatic power reduction in case of high temperature, the equipment returns automatically to its rated power value when the temperature reaches back an average value.
          • Automatic power reduction in case of excessive reflected power.
          • Automatic voltage control for efficiency optimization.

          Technical Facts:
          • Frequency range 87.5 - 108MHz
          • FM Modulation
            75kHz (adjustable) peak deviation
            Mono 180kF3E
            Stereo 256kF3E
          • Audio/MPX Input Level -3.5 to +12.5dBm @ 75kHz deviation
            Audio Input Connectors XLR Female
          • Aux channel input level (RDS/SCA)
            7.5 kHz deviation: -12.5 to 3.5dBm
            2 kHz deviation: -24 to -8 dBm
          • Aux channel input impedance 10kOhm
          • Modulation distortion
            7.5 kHz deviation: <0.05%, 0.02% typical
            2 kHz deviation: <0.2%, 0.05% typical
          • Mono S/N ratio
            30 to 20000Hz: >76dB, 86dB typical
            CCIR: >75dB, 81dB typical
          • Stereo S/N ratio
            30 to 20000Hz: >72dB, 77dB typical
          • CCIR: >68dB, 72dB typical
          • Audio channels bandwidth 30 to 15000Hz ± 0.1dB
            Pre-emphasis time constant Selectable, 25/50/75 microseconds
          • Nominal RF output power 1000W
          • Consumption 1300VA @1000W output power
          • Total Efficiency 75% typical
          • RF Efficiency 84% typical
          • Transmitter tuning steps 10/100kHz
          • Output power ALC stability ±3%
          • Harmonics and spurious emissions <80dBc
          • RF output impedance 50Ω
          • RF output connector 7/16’’ type
          • RF sampler connector BNC type
          • Power supply 110 - 230Vac ± 15%; 50/60Hz
          • Operating temperature range
            0 to 40ºC recommended
            -10 to 55ºC max
          • Relative humidity up to 95% not condensed
          • Dimensions 3 rack unit of 19’’ standard rack
          • Weight 25kg. approx.





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