TEM 1000 W FM -Sender in 3 Einheit 19 -Zoll -Rack MPX -Eingang

TEM 1000 W FM Transmitter in 3 unit 19inch rack MPX input Vergrößern

TEM 1000 W FM -Sender in 3 Einheit 19 -Zoll -Rack MPX -Eingang


Dieser 1 kW-Sender, der im 87,5 ÷ 108 MHz-Band betrieben wird, verwendet 1x1250W RF-Modulverstärker: < /span>
es bedeutet 80% Effizienz dank der 6. Generation LD-MOS Gerät.

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€ 4.774,99


  • GSM Remote Control

  • No GSM

Stereo optie

  • Basis MPX Mono versie

  • Digital Stereo encoder met Digital inputs

  • Stereo encoder kaart L R

Frequentie controle

  • Geen installatie - Automatic frequency daviation control card

  • Install - Automatic frequency daviation control card

Audio Alarm

  • Geen installatie - Audio Alarm detector board

  • Install - Audio Alarm detector board


  • RDS encoder

  • Zonder RDS

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Mehr Infos TEM 1000 W FM -Sender in 3 Einheit 19 -Zoll -Rack MPX -Eingang


Product Discription:

This 1 kW transmitter operating in the 87,5÷108 MHz band, uses 1x1250W RF module Amplifier:
It means 80% efficiency thanks to 6th generation LD-MOS device.
It means significant energy saving Operating frequency can be set up in a few seconds by the synthesizer. The equipment is fully microprocessor controlled.
These transmitters are ideally suited for unmanned stations, in fact they do not require periodically maintenance and are fully protected.
The installation is very fast and maintenance very easy. It can be equipped with an RDS code built-in


  • Wideband circuits amplifier with MOSFET technology
  • Built-in exciter with digital frequency synthesiser and stereo encoder built-in
  • Automatic fold-back ROS protection
  • 2 levels of temperature protection
  • 1 RF 1250W MOSFET amplifier
  • LCD display to check all operating parameters
  • PFC switching power supply for highest reliability and efficiency
  • Sealed duct cooling air with two blowers
  • Easy removable double blower
  • Harmonics filter built-in
  • Air filter easy removable and washable
  • RS232 facility to control the transmitter by “hiper terminal”
Technical Facts:
  • Operating voltage 230VAC ±10 %
  • Cooling Forced air with one built-in blowers
  • Line power <1450VA
  • Operating temperature range -5° to 45°C
  • Storage temperature range -40° to 50°C
  • Output RF connector 7/16”
  • Monitor RF connector BNC
  • Dimensions 485x132x625 mm
  • Weight 15 kg

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