OMB Professional Broadcast Link ANT TX/RX (175 TO 960 MHz)



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        Product Discription:

        The ANT TX-RX is a high-quality low-cost Yagi-Uda antenna, designed to be used with vertical or horizontal polarization, and to provide high-directivity. It is made of aluminium with stainless steel clamps, and the output connector is N Female type. Its radioelectric inalterability has been tested. Furthermore, ANT TX-RX provides high gain, is really light and it can work even in really hard environmental conditions. It is manufactured for frequencies between 175 and 960MHz, in 20/30MHz bands. It offers from 10 to 14dB gain depending on the operating frequency.

        Technical Facts:

        • FREQUENCY RANGES 175 ~ 960MHz
        • IMPEDANCE 50Ω
        • MAXIMUM POWER 200W
        • GAIN 10 ~ 14dBd
        • POLARIZATION Vertical / Horizontal
        • INPUT CONNECTOR N Female
        • MAXIMUM WIND SPEED 177Km/h
        • MOUNTING 1 ~ 3'' tubes
        • MATERIAL Anodized aluminium
        • TYPICAL VSWR 1,2 : 1 (<-20dB return loss)


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