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OMB Sistemas Electrónicos, S.A.

was established more than 25 years ago as a continuation of Electrónica Ormad. This business was created in 1964 and consisted on the production of TV re-emitters.

OMB Sistemas Electrónicos is an exclusively Spanish company, with an exporting vocation specialized in manufacturing TV and Radio Transmitters, and Antenna Systems. Its products are designed and produced using the most advanced technology, being our purpose offering every customer the best technical features for their final requirements. Thus, OMB products can be found in highly technologically demanding countries as USA and also in countries with poor technical conditions and extreme climates like Ghana, in the African continent.

Nowadays, and after the installation of more than 12.000 antenna systems, more than 9.000 FM stations and nearly 2.000 TV transmitters, OMB has achieved an important position in the international broadcasting sector. OMB has also played an important role in the development of the recent transition to Digital TV in Spain.

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