Microfoon Mixer MMX-31

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    Microfoon mixer model MMX-31.  De snelle methode om drie microfoons te mixen tot één microfoon ingang en toch zorgen voor een individueel niveau aanpassing.

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    Productinformatie Microfoon Mixer MMX-31


    Microfoon Mixer MMX-31, 3 microfoons naar 1 uitgang



    Microphone mixer 

    The quick method to mix three microphones to one microphone input and nevertheless allow for an individual level adjustment.

    • 3 mono microphone channels (6.3mm jack) with separate level control each
    • 1 mono output via 3m connection cable with 6.3mm plug
    • Passive operation, no power supply required
    • Can also be used as an extension for microphone inputs which are not easily accessible
    • Dimensions: 127x48x72mm
    • Weight: 255g 












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