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    SWFR Single Wall, Heat Shrink Tubing, TE Connectivity SWFR Single Wall, Heat Shrink Tubing is a cost effective solution for electrical insulation and mechanical protection from abrasion. The 2:1 shrink ratio tubing is offered in two types, highly flexible X2 thin wall & X4 very thin wall. Both types are halogen free, permitting their use in enclosed spaces where toxic gasses from burning materials containing halogens is undesirable. SWFR tubing is highly flame-retardant with UL VW-1 and CSA OFT flammability rating. Options: X2-  8.0-0-FSP -Spool 50 meter, 8 mm X2-12.0-0-FSP -Spool 50 meter, 12 mm X2-18.0-0-FSP -Spool 50 meter, 18 mm X2-25.0-0-FSP -Spool 50 meter, 25 mm

    € 95,03
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