Become a Reseller of DMR Electronics and Explore New Opportunities

    Are you looking to expand your business and wish to add exciting products that complement your existing services and offerings? We warmly welcome you to become a Reseller with DMR Electronics.

    Our Reseller program encompasses two main categories:

    1. Dropshipping Reseller Program: This program is specifically designed for resellers who prefer not to manage inventory. It allows you as a reseller to keep costs low while maximizing the benefits of our extensive range of products. Your payments and invoicing are conveniently handled through your own account on DMR Electronics. Orders are shipped directly to your customers, simply by providing the desired delivery address when placing your order.

    2. Direct Reseller Program: The Direct Reseller program enables you to offer turn-key solutions to your customers by integrating our products with your own products, services, and offerings. Orders are delivered directly to you, and again, payment and invoicing are managed through your own account on DMR Electronics.

    Contact DMR Electronics today to discuss the possibilities. We are ready to support you in enhancing your business success.